Heavy-Du,Flag,12-foot,Feather,NEOPlex,comprarepatenteitaliana.com,With,$45,"ATM",SUPER,Swooper,Office Products , Office School Supplies,-,/Birgus1334271.html $45 NEOPlex - "ATM" 12-foot SUPER Swooper Feather Flag With Heavy-Du Office Products Office School Supplies $45 NEOPlex - "ATM" 12-foot SUPER Swooper Feather Flag With Heavy-Du Office Products Office School Supplies NEOPlex - "ATM" 12-foot SUPER Swooper Heavy-Du Max 80% OFF Feather With Flag NEOPlex - "ATM" 12-foot SUPER Swooper Heavy-Du Max 80% OFF Feather With Flag Heavy-Du,Flag,12-foot,Feather,NEOPlex,comprarepatenteitaliana.com,With,$45,"ATM",SUPER,Swooper,Office Products , Office School Supplies,-,/Birgus1334271.html

NEOPlex -

NEOPlex - "ATM" 12-foot SUPER Swooper Feather Flag With Heavy-Du


NEOPlex - "ATM" 12-foot SUPER Swooper Feather Flag With Heavy-Du

Product description

This magnificent SUPER Swooper flag set includes everything you need to get your message out there and seen. The flag is over 3 feet wide x 12 feet tall and has a pole sleeve that runs the entire length of the flag. The 15-foot pole breaks down into 3-pieces for storage or travel and is easy to assemble. When mounted on the pole, the flag is OVER 15 feet high! Also included is a heavy-duty ground spike that is solid anodized aluminum that you can really hammer on if necessary. The Super Swooper style is a big improvement over the regular style Swooper flags because the flag stays open even with no wind. This is important to keep your message out there and easily seen at all times. (see comparison picture). Super Swooper flag or pole is NOT interchangeable with regular swooper flags and poles!

NEOPlex - "ATM" 12-foot SUPER Swooper Feather Flag With Heavy-Du

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