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2XU Latest item Men's LKRM Tights safety Compression

2XU Men's LKRM Compression Tights


2XU Men's LKRM Compression Tights

Product description

Available in a wide-range of colors to match your team uniform, the 2XU lkrm compression tight utilizes PWX flex and PWX weight fabrics to provide maximum power to support the key leg muscles - gluts, quads, hamstrings and calf. Graduated compression promotes circulation for improved oxygenation of muscles for both active and recovery uses. This lightweight tight is the ultimate compression tight for training, in-game competition and recovery.

From the manufacturer

2XU LKRM Compression Tights 2XU LKRM 3/4 Compression Tights 2XU LKRM Compression Shorts
Available in 7 Colors
Comfort Waistband
Compression Benefits
2XU Technology

2XU Men's LKRM Compression Tights

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