Bruce,UTV,Fuel,$62,YS700,Automotive , Replacement Parts,for,EFI,MSU,Shark,/Impeyan1303721.html,MSU,800,HS,700,Pump,,400 Sales Bruce Shark Fuel Pump for EFI MSU UTV HS YS700 700 400 800 Sales Bruce Shark Fuel Pump for EFI MSU UTV HS YS700 700 400 800 Bruce,UTV,Fuel,$62,YS700,Automotive , Replacement Parts,for,EFI,MSU,Shark,/Impeyan1303721.html,MSU,800,HS,700,Pump,,400 $62 Bruce Shark Fuel Pump for EFI MSU UTV 700 YS700 HS 400 MSU 800 Automotive Replacement Parts $62 Bruce Shark Fuel Pump for EFI MSU UTV 700 YS700 HS 400 MSU 800 Automotive Replacement Parts

Sales Max 85% OFF Bruce Shark Fuel Pump for EFI MSU UTV HS YS700 700 400 800

Bruce Shark Fuel Pump for EFI MSU UTV 700 YS700 HS 400 MSU 800


Bruce Shark Fuel Pump for EFI MSU UTV 700 YS700 HS 400 MSU 800

Product description

Fuel Pump Assy

Condition:100% Brand new
Fits: UTV
Part Type: Fuel Pump
Brand Fits: For Hisun Massimo Bennche Coleman Cub Cadet TSC
Manufacturer Part Number: 39500-115H-0000/358700002/16521-055-0000

Fitment for:
For HiSun EFI(All Models) 2011-2016
Also Fit Mote Hisun 400 500 700 and800 UTV'S Including,Massimo,Hisun,Supermach,
and Coleman,Bennche,Cub Cadet,TSC,Menards Yardsport UTVs (and many more)

Note:Not fit Menards Yardsport 400

Package list:
1x HiSun Fuel Pump Assy

Bruce Shark Fuel Pump for EFI MSU UTV 700 YS700 HS 400 MSU 800

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