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High quality Enhancement Formula - Cheap mail order sales Nitric mg 2400 Oxide Pump

Enhancement Formula - Nitric Oxide 2400 mg - Nitric Oxide Pump -


Enhancement Formula - Nitric Oxide 2400 mg - Nitric Oxide Pump -

Product description

enhancement formula - NITRIC OXIDE 2400 mg - nitric oxide pump - 3 Bottles (180 Capsules)

Nitric Oxide: Inside this supplement you will find a formula that will help you workout effectively in the gym while also boosting your recovery capabilities naturally. The ingredients include: arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (AAKG), ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate (OKG), glutamine alpha-ketoglutarate (GKG), arginine ketoisocaporate (AKIC).

MUSCLE MASS GAINS: During periods of rapid growth, physical stress, or injury, the supply of L-arginine may be insufficient to meet the reparation needs. During this time, L-arginine taken as a dietary supplement can help maintain muscle mass and improve function. Additionally, long-term improvements are seen due to increased protein synthesis in muscles.

SUPPORTS BLOOD FLOW: People take AAKG because arginine increases nitric oxide, a signaling compound you produce that causes blood flow to expand. This property may offer benefits for blood pressure. Due to AAKG increasing the natural nitric oxide content more blood flow is possible.

ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE BOOST: Researchers found that supplementing with AAKG increased arginine levels and beneficially influenced peak power output on wingate and bench press tests. Both of these are anaerobic exercises, which refers to short-duration, high-intensity movements common in nonendurance sports such as bodybuilding and sprinting. Recovery also helps muscle repair process become more effective. Supplementing L-arginine can improve the capacity for exercise.

Enhancement Formula - Nitric Oxide 2400 mg - Nitric Oxide Pump -

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