Women's,ColdPruf,Platinum,/amnesia1159419.html,Bottom,$14,comprarepatenteitaliana.com,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Layer,Dual Women's,ColdPruf,Platinum,/amnesia1159419.html,Bottom,$14,comprarepatenteitaliana.com,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Layer,Dual $14 ColdPruf Women's Platinum Dual Layer Bottom Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women ColdPruf Women's Platinum Japan's largest assortment Dual Bottom Layer ColdPruf Women's Platinum Japan's largest assortment Dual Bottom Layer $14 ColdPruf Women's Platinum Dual Layer Bottom Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

ColdPruf Women's Platinum Japan's largest assortment Dual Max 47% OFF Bottom Layer

ColdPruf Women's Platinum Dual Layer Bottom


ColdPruf Women's Platinum Dual Layer Bottom

Product description

Coldpruf Women's Platinum Pant is specifically engineered to trap air between its layers of fabric to provide a natural warmth shield. Product Features: Thermal pants Gussets Flat seams Hemmed cuffs Tagless for comfort CPT fiber technology Front and back rise Comfort fit waistband Two-layers for warmth True sizing for accurate fit Layers trap air for natural warmth Inside: 100% CPT performance polyester Outside: 70% polyester, 30% merino wool

From the manufacturer

Basic Enthusiast Performance Authentic Platinum amp; Platinum Plus Size Quest
Very Cold
Extreme Cold
Low Activity
Medium Activity
High Activity
Colors Winter White, Black Black Black, White Winter White Black Black
Layers Double Single Single Double Double Double
Odor Control No No Yes No No Yes

ColdPruf Women's Platinum Dual Layer Bottom

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