Chrome,,Molding,Ends,1,(,with,Side,$45,and,1/4",/amnesia1159619.html,Body,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Colored,Finished Chrome,,Molding,Ends,1,(,with,Side,$45,and,1/4",/amnesia1159619.html,Body,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Colored,Finished $45 1 1/4" Chrome and Colored Body Side Molding with Finished Ends ( Automotive Replacement Parts 1 4" Chrome and Colored Body with Finished Side Ends Max 55% OFF Molding $45 1 1/4" Chrome and Colored Body Side Molding with Finished Ends ( Automotive Replacement Parts 1 4" Chrome and Colored Body with Finished Side Ends Max 55% OFF Molding

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1 1/4" Chrome and Colored Body Side Molding with Finished Ends (


1 1/4" Chrome and Colored Body Side Molding with Finished Ends (

Product description


This Trim-Gard product is a white and chrome flexible stick on body side molding and comes in 2 piece kit which consists of two 13' foot pieces with 4 finished ends which gives you a total of 26' feet. The chrome is capped with a thick, tough, layer or crystal clear vinyl, giving 20 times more protection. There is 3-M automotive grade tape already on the back of this molding which makes installation easier and gives it longer durability. This molding will protect your vehicle from parking lot door dings.

1 1/4" Chrome and Colored Body Side Molding with Finished Ends (

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