Camp,/amnesia1303419.html,Burner,$87,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Camping,Cooking,Double,Burner,Stoves,Outdoor,,Cooking $87 Outdoor Camp Cooking Burner Camping Stoves Cooking Burner Double Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Our shop OFFers the best service Outdoor Camp Cooking Burner Camping Double Stoves $87 Outdoor Camp Cooking Burner Camping Stoves Cooking Burner Double Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Camp,/amnesia1303419.html,Burner,$87,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Camping,Cooking,Double,Burner,Stoves,Outdoor,,Cooking Our shop OFFers the best service Outdoor Camp Cooking Burner Camping Double Stoves

Our shop OFFers the best service Ranking TOP16 Outdoor Camp Cooking Burner Camping Double Stoves

Outdoor Camp Cooking Burner Camping Stoves Cooking Burner Double


Outdoor Camp Cooking Burner Camping Stoves Cooking Burner Double

Product description


This powerful Double Burner, equipped with a cast iron head, outputs a whopping BTU of 150000. And it can adjust the firepower to make your cook more delicious. It is suitable for various types of pot because of burner bracket. So you can enjoy cooking outdoor with your family to have a happy time. Do not hesitate, just buy it.


1. Product Type: Double Burner
2. Material: Cast Iron
3. Burner Diamter: 10.24" / 26cm
4. BTU: 150000
5. Furnace Head Diameter: 5.51" / 14cm
6. 1.2m Leather Tube Included: Yes
7. Dimensions: (30.71 x 15.75 x 29.72)" / (78 x 40 x 75.5)cm (L x W x H)

Package Includes:

1 x Double Burner Stove
1 x 0-20 Psi Regulator
1 x Instruction

Outdoor Camp Cooking Burner Camping Stoves Cooking Burner Double

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