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Premier online shop Copper Products BR10DB2 10-Inch Round Hammered Detroit Mall Ba

Premier Copper Products BR10DB2 10-Inch Round Hammered Copper Ba


Premier Copper Products BR10DB2 10-Inch Round Hammered Copper Ba

Product description

Calling all road trip warriors, tiny home owners, van lifers, trailer campers, RV-ers, and more! Don’t compromise when it comes to your home away from home. Designed specifically for factory-built housing and the RV industry, our 10” Hand-Hammered Copper Bar Sink is the perfect upgrade for any RV, motor home, tiny house, trailer, van, boat, wet bar, or small space imaginable.


  • Configuration: Round
  • Design: Hammered Copper Surface
  • Color: Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Outer Dimension: 10" x 5"
  • Inner Dimension: 8" x 5"
  • Installation Type: Under Counter or Surface-Mount
  • Rim: 1" Flat Rim
  • Countertop Depth Minimum: 13" Front to Back
  • Material Gauge: (17 Gauge or .045")
  • Drain Opening: 2"

    Premier Copper Products BR10DB2 10-Inch Round Hammered Copper Ba

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