Tall,and,Baby Products , Safety,comprarepatenteitaliana.com,Extra,Large,$115,Adj,Pet,/capsulopupillary1303870.html,Design,50514-2400,Flex,Scandinavian Tall,and,Baby Products , Safety,comprarepatenteitaliana.com,Extra,Large,$115,Adj,Pet,/capsulopupillary1303870.html,Design,50514-2400,Flex,Scandinavian $115 Scandinavian Pet Design 50514-2400 Flex Large and Extra Tall Adj Baby Products Safety Scandinavian Pet Design 50514-2400 Washington Mall Flex and Adj Large Extra Tall $115 Scandinavian Pet Design 50514-2400 Flex Large and Extra Tall Adj Baby Products Safety Scandinavian Pet Design 50514-2400 Washington Mall Flex and Adj Large Extra Tall

Scandinavian Pet Design 50514-2400 Washington Mall Sale special price Flex and Adj Large Extra Tall

Scandinavian Pet Design 50514-2400 Flex Large and Extra Tall Adj


Scandinavian Pet Design 50514-2400 Flex Large and Extra Tall Adj

Product description

Keep your pets safe around your home with the Scandinavian Pet Design Flex Large and Extra Tall Gate. This safety gate helps you secure your large or medium dog while letting you and your children move freely through your home. This wall-mounted pet gate is a flexible configuration system with (1) 28.4-inch gate section and (2) 28.4-inch panels. Rotate the panels to fit any opening between 35.4 and 87.8 inches wide. This extra tall pet safety gate stands 41 inches tall, making it great for all sized pets, especially larger breeds. This safety gate can keep pets away from staircases, fireplaces, and wide door openings, and works as a room divider. Easily open the gate with 1 hand. The double-locking handle opens from both directions and locks automatically when closed. Mounting and moving the pet barrier is simple with included mounting hardware and quick release fittings that let you dismount the gate without needing any tools.

Scandinavian Pet Design 50514-2400 Flex Large and Extra Tall Adj

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