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Ranking TOP9 Electric Wine Decanter Pourer 100% quality warranty! One-Touch USB Instant Ae Automatic

Electric Wine Decanter Pourer One-Touch Automatic USB Instant Ae


Electric Wine Decanter Pourer One-Touch Automatic USB Instant Ae

Product description


With oxidize, magnetic and red light 3-in-1 aerating, the smart electric wine aerator supports instant wine decanting and breathing and pouring directly to the glasses automatically.

No need to wait, no more spills. Luxury design, saving space, hand held size, enjoy red wine anytime.

How to USE Wine Aerator:
Please clean the electric wine aerator by pumping clean water before using. Connect the tubes with the aerator, then put it into the bottle, press the white color button, then the led screen will be red while aerating wine, press the button again to stop.

How to Clean Your Wine Decanter:
1.Inside: connect the wine aerator tube, as the wine aerator process, clean the wine aerator by pumping the clean water for several times, till the water becomes clean till finished.
2.Outside: clean the aerator by clean cloth or wet towel,make sure the electric red wine aerator is clean and dry after using, then storage in the bag.

Smart power indicator light:
The decanter is out of power: light is red
The charge in the early stage: the yellow light flashes
Half charge: green light flashes
Full charge: green light
Package Includes:
1x Electric Wine Aerator
1x Flexible Tube
1x USB Cable
1x Soft Fabric Bag
1x User Manual

Electric Wine Decanter Pourer One-Touch Automatic USB Instant Ae

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