SCITOO Shock Absorbers Gas Rear Fit Absorber 2 for Struts 70% OFF Outlet $62 SCITOO Shock Absorbers, Gas Rear Struts Shock Absorber Fit for 2 Automotive Replacement Parts 2,SCITOO,Fit,Rear,Shock,,$62,Absorber,Gas,for,Automotive , Replacement Parts,/endoscopy1159558.html,Absorbers,,Struts,Shock 2,SCITOO,Fit,Rear,Shock,,$62,Absorber,Gas,for,Automotive , Replacement Parts,/endoscopy1159558.html,Absorbers,,Struts,Shock $62 SCITOO Shock Absorbers, Gas Rear Struts Shock Absorber Fit for 2 Automotive Replacement Parts SCITOO Shock Absorbers Gas Rear Fit Absorber 2 for Struts 70% OFF Outlet

SCITOO Shock Absorbers Gas OFFicial mail order Rear Fit Absorber 2 for Struts 70% OFF Outlet

SCITOO Shock Absorbers, Gas Rear Struts Shock Absorber Fit for 2


SCITOO Shock Absorbers, Gas Rear Struts Shock Absorber Fit for 2

Product description

1.Easy to Install
2.Direct / Exact Fit and Quality Guaranteed
3.Application Specific Valving
4.Improved Filtering of Road Noise, Vibration, and Harshness
5.Nitrogen Gas Charged
6.Upgraded Sealing for Longer Life

Compatibility Information:
2008-2014 Nissan Rogue

Placement on Vehicle: Rear,Left, Right
Replacement NO:349097 37328
Warranty: 1 year

Package Includes:
2pcs Shocks Absorbers

1.To ensure that the shock absorber is not damaged, the shock absorber will be packaged and transported as TWO packages sometimes
2. Shock Absorbers only,not including springs or mounts

SCITOO Shock Absorbers, Gas Rear Struts Shock Absorber Fit for 2

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