$91 TLX Mountain Bike Fork – Air Gas Suspension Fork MTB Bicycle Lig Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation $91 TLX Mountain Bike Fork – Air Gas Suspension Fork MTB Bicycle Lig Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation TLX Mountain Bike Fork – Air Lig Gas MTB online shopping Bicycle Suspension TLX Mountain Bike Fork – Air Lig Gas MTB online shopping Bicycle Suspension Mountain,Lig,Gas,Air,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,MTB,Fork,/excitant1303349.html,Bicycle,Bike,comprarepatenteitaliana.com,Fork,$91,Suspension,TLX,– Mountain,Lig,Gas,Air,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,MTB,Fork,/excitant1303349.html,Bicycle,Bike,comprarepatenteitaliana.com,Fork,$91,Suspension,TLX,–

TLX Mountain Bike Fork – Ranking TOP12 Air Lig Gas MTB online shopping Bicycle Suspension

TLX Mountain Bike Fork – Air Gas Suspension Fork MTB Bicycle Lig


TLX Mountain Bike Fork – Air Gas Suspension Fork MTB Bicycle Lig

Product description

MTB Bike Fork Air Gas Suspension Fork MTB Bicycle Lightweight Straight Fork 1-1/8Inch Steering Tube Magnesium amp; Aluminum Alloy Bike Fork

Type: Mountain bike fork
Suspension method: Air
Travel: 100mm
Steering tube: Dia 28.6mm
Material: Magnesium amp; aluminum alloy
Weight: Around 1700g

Made of magnesium amp; aluminum alloy, super lightweight, around 1700g.
Electric-coating surface treatment, no corrosion and good appearance.
Travel 100mm, spread 100mm. Steering tube diameter 28.6mm, 26/27.5/29inch for your optional.
Air to adjust the fork’s softness and hardness, excellent suspension in terrible road.
Available for mountain bike.

Packing included:
1PCS X Mountain Bike Fork

TLX Mountain Bike Fork – Air Gas Suspension Fork MTB Bicycle Lig

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