$168 Jiang Tong Damascus Folded Steel Clay Tempered Handmade Japanese Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $168 Jiang Tong Damascus Folded Steel Clay Tempered Handmade Japanese Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Jiang Tong Damascus Folded Steel Tempered Japanese Handmade Clay Bombing new work Jiang Tong Damascus Folded Steel Tempered Japanese Handmade Clay Bombing new work Jiang,Damascus,Clay,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Folded,Tempered,Tong,Handmade,comprarepatenteitaliana.com,Steel,Japanese,$168,/ficklewise1007495.html Jiang,Damascus,Clay,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Folded,Tempered,Tong,Handmade,comprarepatenteitaliana.com,Steel,Japanese,$168,/ficklewise1007495.html

Jiang Tong Regular store Damascus Folded Steel Tempered Japanese Handmade Clay Bombing new work

Jiang Tong Damascus Folded Steel Clay Tempered Handmade Japanese


Jiang Tong Damascus Folded Steel Clay Tempered Handmade Japanese

Product description

The blade was totally forged and polished by hand. it's Damascus steel which is forged amp; folded base on 1060 . AISI 1060 carbon has 1.24-1.64 impurity within it, decreasing the strength of the material and making quenching process uncontrollable. it was folded 13-14 times to remove impurity , making it harder and more flexibility . it also leaves special grain on the blade.they look very clear and nice.Generally,a damascus blade has more than 8000 layers. Blade comes with a full length Tang which enhances the strength while wielding,quelified to cut off a bottle size bamboo. it is also clay tempered ,making the cutting edge harder than the other area .

Jiang Tong Damascus Folded Steel Clay Tempered Handmade Japanese

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