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VRracing 4PCS Max 49% Ranking TOP19 OFF Spoiler Wing Stabilizer for Subaru Compatible Impr

VRracing 4PCS Spoiler Wing Stabilizer Compatible for Subaru Impr


VRracing 4PCS Spoiler Wing Stabilizer Compatible for Subaru Impr

Product description

Title: Spoiler Wing Stiffi Support Stabilizer

Application: 02-07 Compatible For Subaru Impreza WRX STi

Product Features and Benefits:
-Our Wing Stiffi fits perfectly between the upper and lower wing to create a support for the center of the wing.
-The wing stabilizer has a tapered wing shape that reduces drag and greatly reduces the possibility of noise increase.
-Just put the stabilizer under the wing and fix it with our straps tape .
-This makes our stabilizer installation sturdy but completely reversible upgrade.
-Perfect match for the original car.
-Stable characteristics, high reliability.

Package Includes:
4 PCS Spoiler Wing Stiffi Support Stabilizer

All of the items in our shop will come to you with the tracking number.

VRracing 4PCS Spoiler Wing Stabilizer Compatible for Subaru Impr


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