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Paintball Mask Airsoft Tactical Super-cheap Protective 5 popular Ey With Lens PC

Paintball Mask Airsoft Tactical Protective Mask, With PC Lens Ey


Paintball Mask Airsoft Tactical Protective Mask, With PC Lens Ey

Product description

Approximately The size of Mask 8.3" * 9" (21.3*23 CM).
TPU plastic impact resistant composite. Is highly sturdy and anti-shock,able to cushion the impact of external forces on the cheek and forehead.
Full Face Protection Airsoft Mask:
The Skull Mask offers full face protection for airsoft and other outdoor sports. Keeps your whole face protected.
Security and Stability:
The holes in the mouth will allow you to breathe freely and the lens before eyes will allow you to see clearly.Cheek and forehead pad offer a cushion and absorption of energy,protect our cheeks and nose from being hurt.

Design of Exhaust Fan :
Exhaust fans in the side promote the flow of air, blow dry the sweat quickly and prevent lens from forming fog,offer you the clear and broad vision.(2x AA batteries are not included). No more worries about the injury of the eyes, mouth and teeth.
Perfect for adult and children, women and men, girls and boys.
Wide Used: Ideal for Paintball, Tactic game, Live CS game, Airsoft or BB Gun competition, Survival game, Cosplay, Outdoor Party, Halloween, Movie props, Costume parties etc.
Package Included:
1 X Full face skull exhaust fan mask.

Paintball Mask Airsoft Tactical Protective Mask, With PC Lens Ey


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