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HP Pavilion Dual Monitor shopping Stand Black El Paso Mall

HP Pavilion Dual Monitor Stand (Black)


HP Pavilion Dual Monitor Stand (Black)

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Why buy Built with some of the strictest quality control guidelines in the industry Stay connected up to 30 feet (10 meters) away with just one 2.4 GHz wireless receiver Dust-, dirt- and splash-resistant so you can take your music anywhere Your voice plays through the headset, producing the natural sound of an in-person conversation Easily connect your HP laptop to more accessories with three USB ports Connect your HP laptop to an external display or other accessories with HDMI, USB-C, and USB ports
2.4GHz wireless connection reliably keeps you hooked up Long-lasting battery life for up to 12 months of everyday use Carabiner clip and lightweight, compact shape make it easy to clip to your bag Headset automatically connects to the last device paired via Bluetooth Compact and lightweight, it seamlessly travels with you without adding bulk Compact and lightweight, it seamlessly travels with you without adding bulk
Nano receiver takes up less USB space and conveniently stores inside the mouse Naturally contoured mouse and low-profile keyboard are designed with comfort in mind Switch between audio and phone, and take hands-free calls with the built-in microphone Keep your day moving with up to a 12-hour battery life With a generous 12-inch (30.5-millimeter) cable, you can position the hub wherever you need With a generous 12-inch (30.5-millimeter) cable, you can position the hub wherever you need
1600 dpi optical sensor works on most surfaces Maximize productivity with 104 quiet keys, 12 function keys and an integrated numeric keypad Enjoy rich stereo sound, perfectly suited for outdoor use Wireless or wired use with Bluetooth or the 3.5mm aux cable Just plug in the hub and you're done, no drivers needed Just plug in the hub and you're done, no drivers needed
Ambidextrous design and contoured shape promote all-day comfort Precise movement and speed with red LED technology and a 1200 dpi optical sensor mouse Up to 8 hours of uninterrupted playtime with the rechargeable lithium battery Cushioned, over-ear design reduces ambient noise and provides comfort for extended usage Tested with USB-C-capable HP laptops to ensure a smooth, reliable experience Tested with USB-C-capable HP laptops to ensure a smooth, reliable experience

HP Pavilion Dual Monitor Stand (Black)


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