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Mizuno online shopping Men's Wave OFFicial site G5 Trainer

Mizuno Men's Wave Trainer G5


Mizuno Men's Wave Trainer G5

Product description

  • Train like a pro and play like a beast in the Wave Trainer G5 from Mizuno®!
  • Features Mizuno Wave® Technology that disperses impact forces uniformly over the length and width of the midsole for unrivaled cushioning.
  • Dynamic Synthetic Leather® (DSL®) for superior feel, durability, comfort and breathability.
  • Padded collar with traditional fold-over tongue.
  • Perforated side panels for added breathability and comfort.
  • Parallel Wave® Technology midsole provide simultaneous cushioning and stability.
  • Full-length ap+ (Acceleration Polymer Responsive+) midsole provide incredible shock absorption and overall cushioning.
  • Forefoot Flex response with *ProFlex™ multi-zone flex points.
    Mizuno's proprietary flex construction that is engineered to provide controlled flexibility for all three primary baseball movements: running, batting and throwing.
  • Diamond Tread, multi-directional solid rubber outsole provides superior traction on all surfaces.
  • Environmentally-safe,PVC-free materials.
  • Weight : 11 512 oz

Step up your game with Mizuno's Wave Nexus G5 athletic shoe. With its durable rubber sole, Wave technology, and shock-absorption properties, it gives you support where you need it most.

Mizuno Men's Wave Trainer G5

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