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SPRING Quality inspection Rechargeable Battery Heated All items free shipping Hat for Warm Cap Thermal

SPRING Rechargeable Battery Heated Hat,Thermal Warm Hat Cap for


SPRING Rechargeable Battery Heated Hat,Thermal Warm Hat Cap for

Product description

SPRING HEATED HAT with 7.4V rechargeable li-ion batteries,equipped with 3 heat settings for adjusting temperature. Ideal for winter skiing, snowboarding, snowmobile, snow shoveling, riding motorcycle, climbing, hiking, hunting and mountaineering etc. 

SPRING HEATED HAT can work up to 6 hours after fully charged.Heating area:Mainly heat ear area.Made of Carbon Fiber Which can be stimulate your blood circulation .Great For cold ears,press migraines,hair treatment People.help you enjoying the warm winter.

3 Heat Settings:Working Hours(Fully Charged)
Highest Setting:3-4 Hours
Medium Setting:4-5 Hours
Lowest Setting:5-6Hours

Troubleshooting Steps:
●Q1: Where does battery pack plug in?
There's a small pocket in the hat.

●Q2: How long to charge the battery?
It Charges in 2-4 hours.

●Q3: Does it cover your ears?
Yes. it does.heating element (2 sides of the heated hat)keep you warm and comfortable all day .
perfect for Outdoor Sports,Hunting amp; Fishing,Camping amp; Hiking,Jogging or Taking Your Pet For A Walk !

●Color: Black
●Gender: Unisex
●Material: 100% acrylic outer amp; 100% polyester inner fabric
●Heated Area: 2 sides of the heated hat
●Battery: 1 rechargeable li-ion batteries built in mini battery pocket
●Heat Setting: 3 Levels Temperature Setting-High(3grid), Medium(2grid) amp; Low(1grid)
●Include: 1*Electric Heated Hat+1*AC Charger+1*7.4V Li-ion Battery+1*Using Manual amp;size free
●Wash Method: Hand Wash suggest

From the manufacturer

Women Men Heated Gloves Rechargeable Battery Heat Gloves Kit Rechargeable Electric Heated gloves for Chronically Cold Hand(No Button)  Heated Gloves Unisex Men Women Heat Glvoes Kit Motorcycling Hnad Warmer Winter Warm Heat Insulated Fleece Skull Beanies Novelty Cycling Snow Skiing Head Warmer,3 Heat B07QFPZTG6 B07RQ4SPNV
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Battery Volt/Size 7.4V-L/XL 3.7V-L 4.5V-L 7.4V-Unisex 3.7V-M/L 2.4V-M
3 Heat Settings Up to Batteries Up to Batteries
Battery In Package NO NO
Battery Capacity 7.4V/2200mAh 3.7V/2200mAh Depend on Battery Using 7.4V/2200mAh 3.7V/2200mAh Depend on Charger Using
Over-Voltage Protection Up to Batteries Up to Batteries
Raw Material Premium Waterproof Coating Premium Thick Cotton Soft Cotton Material 100% ACRYLIC FABRIC Premium Fabric Cotton Premium Fabric Cotton
Elegant Fashion Packaging premium gift box package premium gift box package
Wide Application Motorcycling,Hunting Gloves Climbing Hiking Heated Gloves Skiing,Snowboarding Heated Gloves Outdoor Working,Cycling Heated Hat Motorcycling Biking Heating Sox Kit Winter Novelty Clothing Heated Socks
Waterproof Level IP650 Waterproof Coating Light Rain Light Rain Front Instep(Heating Area) ear area(Heating Area) Front Instep(Heating Area)
Touchscreen Thumb and Index Finger Touchscreen Index Finger Touchscreen Index Finger Touchscreen 2 styles available(feature) 8 colors available(feature) 2 colors available(feature)

SPRING Rechargeable Battery Heated Hat,Thermal Warm Hat Cap for

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