$35 Pulsar Turbo 5" Exhaust Stainless Steel Marmon V-Band Flange Cla Automotive Replacement Parts Steel,Turbo,V-Band,Cla,5",Automotive , Replacement Parts,Pulsar,Stainless,Flange,/intertrade783501.html,comprarepatenteitaliana.com,Marmon,$35,Exhaust Pulsar Turbo 5" Exhaust Stainless Marmon Trust Flange Cla V-Band Steel $35 Pulsar Turbo 5" Exhaust Stainless Steel Marmon V-Band Flange Cla Automotive Replacement Parts Steel,Turbo,V-Band,Cla,5",Automotive , Replacement Parts,Pulsar,Stainless,Flange,/intertrade783501.html,comprarepatenteitaliana.com,Marmon,$35,Exhaust Pulsar Turbo 5" Exhaust Stainless Marmon Trust Flange Cla V-Band Steel

Pulsar Turbo 5

Pulsar Turbo 5" Exhaust Stainless Steel Marmon V-Band Flange Cla


Pulsar Turbo 5" Exhaust Stainless Steel Marmon V-Band Flange Cla

Product description

5'' V-Band Flange amp; Clamp Kit for Turbine Housing outlet
fits Borg Warner S400 S400SXE S475 S480 T6 Turbo, Caterpillar 3406C/E C15, Detriot 60 12.7L K31 Turbos.

-Item Details:
High-Quality Stainless steel Flange
High-Quality Stainless steel Clamp
fits 5" OD Tubing slipamp;weld
Package QTY: 1 Flange, 1 Clamp.

-Special Note:
1. Please DOUBLE check your sizing prior to purchase.
2. Professional install is highly recommended! Please ask all questions prior to purchase!
3. Highly recommended to get the CHRA VSR balanced after rebuild (is required for warranty purposes)! 4. Pulsar Turbo Systems warrants the product against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of original purchase.

Pulsar Turbo 5" Exhaust Stainless Steel Marmon V-Band Flange Cla

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