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CHSSIH Roller Fees free Skates for Women Girls R Kick Shoes Oklahoma City Mall Unisex Rollers

CHSSIH Roller Skates for Women/Girls,Unisex Kick Rollers Shoes R


CHSSIH Roller Skates for Women/Girls,Unisex Kick Rollers Shoes R

Product Description


CHSSIH Roller Skates for Women/Girls/Boys/Men/Kids/Adult

Transformable roller skates, suitable for kids who like sports.This is an entry-level skate for beginners and casual runners.Do not hesitate! It will definitely exceed your expectations!


Packing list: 1×skates, 1×roller, 1×bearing, 1×wrench


Safety:For safety reasons, children must be accompanied by an adult when using roller skates.

Suggestion: To ensure your feet are comfortable, please measure the length of your feet, and then use the size chart to select the correct size.

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Roller Skates for Women/Girls,Outdoor Quad Roller Skate Roller Skates for Women/Girls,Outdoor Quad Roller Skate Roller Skates for Women/Girls,Outdoor Quad Roller Skate Roller Skates for Women/Girls,Outdoor Quad Roller Skate Protective Gear Set Kids/Adults
Change wheels
Load bearing 125kg 125kg 125kg 125kg
Delivery Time 15-20 days 15-20 days 15-20 days 15-20 days 15-20 days
size selection 4US-11US 4US-11US 4US-11US 4US-11US S-L

CHSSIH Roller Skates for Women/Girls,Unisex Kick Rollers Shoes R

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