Large Area Rugs 5'3" Outlet SALE x 4' Wolf Floor Contemporary Mat Animal Li 4',,Large,/khandait1007796.html,Area,$45,Rugs,Floor,5'3",x,Li,,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Mat,Animal,Wolf,Contemporary Large Area Rugs 5'3" Outlet SALE x 4' Wolf Floor Contemporary Mat Animal Li 4',,Large,/khandait1007796.html,Area,$45,Rugs,Floor,5'3",x,Li,,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Mat,Animal,Wolf,Contemporary $45 Large Area Rugs 5'3" x 4', Wolf Animal Floor Mat Contemporary Li Home Kitchen Home Décor Products $45 Large Area Rugs 5'3" x 4', Wolf Animal Floor Mat Contemporary Li Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

Large Area Rugs 5'3

Large Area Rugs 5'3" x 4', Wolf Animal Floor Mat Contemporary Li


Large Area Rugs 5'3" x 4', Wolf Animal Floor Mat Contemporary Li

Product description

Size:63 x 48 inch

This rug will add a warm inviting touch to any space in the home, including the master bedroom, foyer, living room, or office,durable and easy careBrand: senyaSpecification: Material: Polyester and Memory sponge cottonPrinting Technology: Advanced Digital PrintingPackage Contents: 1 X Area RugSpecial Design:One-side pattern is customized and personalized,impress your guests by decorating your floorsFunctions:1.Apply to many occasions like living room, bedroom, diningroom,keep your floors clear of damage and stains2.Top of rug:Soft sponge and durable density elastic cotton,relieve the footstep pressure effectively,absorbent,soft3.Bottom of rug:Non-woven, Plastic bottom, more durable and non-slipNote: For the convenience of transport,the doormats will be folded,there may be folds when you receive the doormats,place it for 3-5 hours,the creases will disappear

Large Area Rugs 5'3" x 4', Wolf Animal Floor Mat Contemporary Li

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