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KX Over item handling Car Weatherstripping Max 40% OFF Door Rubber Horizontal Se Bulb Trim Seal

KX Car Weatherstripping Door Rubber Seal Horizontal Bulb Trim Se


KX Car Weatherstripping Door Rubber Seal Horizontal Bulb Trim Se

Product description

Size:40 Feet

Car Weatherstripping Door Rubber Seal Horizontal Bulb Trim Seal Weather Stripping for Car Molded 0.925" Bulb Height x 0.53 U Height (40 Feet)

This universal door seal for doors, lockers, metal doors, metal boxes, car, etc.

The dimensions:
The dimensions in inch: 0.925"*0.669"*0.53"
The dimensions in millimeters: 23.5 M.M*17 M.M*13.5 M.M.
Length: 12.2 Meter
Materials: EPDM / PVC / METAL.

This door seal also designed to be:
- Car door rubber seal.
- Door weather strip for trucks.
- Door seal for caravan.
- Trailer door weather seal.
- Weatherstripping for campers.
- Door seal rubber for heavy equipment.
- Boat door rubber seal.
- Seal rubber for metal boxes.
- Rubber strip for the electric boards.
- Rubber seal for motor lid.
- Rubber strip for home doors.
- And more.

- High quality manufacture.
- High quality materials.
- Contain internal metal clips to grip permanent around the install place.
- Very flexible.
- Easy install. (just push on the rubber seal above the install place. the rubber seal will be griping around the edge without adhesive or any other thing).

- Prevent leaks, gaps and vibration.
- Prevent leakage of air conditioner to out.
- Prevent entry of dust, air and rain water.
- Cover the sharp metal edges in the cars and the home.
- Save the external car door edge from the clash on the walls or other cars.

Package includes:
1 x B Car Door Seal(Total length: 40 ft = 12.2 m)

KX Car Weatherstripping Door Rubber Seal Horizontal Bulb Trim Se

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