,StrongArm,$22,Glass,Lift,Automotive , Replacement Parts,(2),/loggia1490797.html,Rear,Qty,4423,Window,Supports,StrongArm,$22,Glass,Lift,Automotive , Replacement Parts,(2),/loggia1490797.html,Rear,Qty,4423,Window,Supports Qty 2 StrongArm 4423 Rear Memphis Mall Supports Glass Lift Window Qty 2 StrongArm 4423 Rear Memphis Mall Supports Glass Lift Window $22 Qty (2) StrongArm 4423 Rear Window Glass Lift Supports Automotive Replacement Parts $22 Qty (2) StrongArm 4423 Rear Window Glass Lift Supports Automotive Replacement Parts

Qty 2 StrongArm 4423 Rear Memphis Mall Supports Glass Lift Window Max 54% OFF

Qty (2) StrongArm 4423 Rear Window Glass Lift Supports


Qty (2) StrongArm 4423 Rear Window Glass Lift Supports

Product description

StrongArm, owned by TRICO Group, has pioneered the gas spring market by encouraging innovation in the expansion of gas spring applications. As the number one leading supplier to the automotive original equipment market, they have positioned their engineering and manufacturing resources in a collaborative effort with OE automotive engineers to advance and accommodate the ever-changing design applications of gas springs.The StrongArm brand showcases replacement gas lift supports that are easy to install and restore peace of mind within minutes. StrongArm Struts (i.e. topper struts) feature hardened steel shafts for durability and patented temperature compensation module valves for consistent operation even in extreme weather conditions. With the StrongArm brand, you can find the right lift support to lift and hold up your vehicle component whether it's the back glass, hatch back, hood, liftgate, tailgate, trunk lid, or a universal lift support.

Qty (2) StrongArm 4423 Rear Window Glass Lift Supports

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