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Giordana SilverLine Mens Short Max 54% OFF Cycling Jersey Attention brand Sleeve

Giordana SilverLine Mens Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey


Giordana SilverLine Mens Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

Product description

The SilverLine Classic Men's Jersey shares some of the same DNA as Giordana's top-of-the-line offerings, but it delivers this stylish performance at a price-point that won't break the bank. Like many of Giordana's race-driven jerseys, the SilverLine Classic features strategic paneling to reduce drag and provide a cycling-specific design that's more comfortable than the racers-only FormaRed line. Giordana uses a soft, UV-blocking fabric with excellent moisture wicking capabilities and includes breathable mesh under the arms and on the lower back to improve ventilation. The jersey is kept comfortably in place via gentle, woven elastic along the arm cuffs in addition to simple turned elastic at the front of the waistband, and the soft gripper elastic on the rear hem ensures fit whether you're ripping in the drops or dancing out of the saddle on a climb.

Giordana SilverLine Mens Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

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