Marine,Crusader,18309,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Hose,$36,,/mediatorial1334003.html Crusader Marine 18309 Be super welcome Hose Crusader Marine 18309 Be super welcome Hose $36 Crusader Marine 18309 Hose Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Marine,Crusader,18309,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Hose,$36,,/mediatorial1334003.html $36 Crusader Marine 18309 Hose Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

Crusader Marine 18309 It is very popular Be super welcome Hose

Crusader Marine 18309 Hose


Crusader Marine 18309 Hose

Product description

Crusader Marine 18309 Hose.

Heat exchanger to exhaust elbow molded hose. Fits Crusader Marine MP454 XLi serial number 101810 THRU 103880 and MP7.4L serial number 103538 AND ABOVE model engines.

Hose Inside I.D.: 1"

Crusader Marine 18309 Hose

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