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Gifts Fish Finder Sonar Sensor Ranking TOP1 Sounder Alarm Depth Fishing

Fish Finder Sonar Sensor Depth Sounder Fishing Fish Finder Alarm


Fish Finder Sonar Sensor Depth Sounder Fishing Fish Finder Alarm

Product description

Providing information and environment below water level to help identify fish targets. Helping you find prey more easily. Perfect tool for all styles of fishing: Applys to small boat, bank, river, lake, sea, ocean, ice fishing, as well as night fishing.

?SIGNAL STABILITY?200kHz sonar beam, signal stability, effectively prevent signal interference. Choose fish information easily according to your different needs.
?FOR FISHING LOVERS?Fish alarm design allows you to instantly the fish. Suitable for both amateur and professional fishing lovers.
?PRACTICAL TO USE?Providing information and environment below water level to help identify fish targets. Helping you find prey more easily.
?WIDELY APPLICABLE?Perfect tool for all styles of fishing: Applys to small boat, bank, river, lake, sea, ocean, ice fishing, as well as night fishing.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Fish Finder
Material: ABS Plastic
Model: TL88E
Display Type: TN/ UV Protection LCD
Power Supply: 4 x AAA Battery (Not Included)
Sensor Beam Angle: 45?brgt; Depth Range: 0.7-100m/2-328ft
Working Temperature: -20? - +70?
Size: Approx. 12*6.5*3cm/4.72*2.56*1.18in
Weight: Approx. 450g

Package List:
1 * Fish Finder
1 * Round Sensor
1 * Screw Bolt
1 * Nut
1 * User Manual

Fish Finder Sonar Sensor Depth Sounder Fishing Fish Finder Alarm

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