Replacement,Cold,Intake,SEADEAR,$23,/nature/animals/can-animals-see-optical-illusions.html,Intake,Racing,,Air,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Cone,Cone,,Car $23 SEADEAR Racing Car Cold Air Intake Cone, Replacement Intake Cone Automotive Replacement Parts Replacement,Cold,Intake,SEADEAR,$23,/nature/animals/can-animals-see-optical-illusions.html,Intake,Racing,,Air,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Cone,Cone,,Car $23 SEADEAR Racing Car Cold Air Intake Cone, Replacement Intake Cone Automotive Replacement Parts SEADEAR Racing Car Cold Air Cone Replacement Intake Free shipping / New SEADEAR Racing Car Cold Air Cone Replacement Intake Free shipping / New

SEADEAR Racing Car Cold Air Cone Replacement 40% OFF Cheap Sale Intake Free shipping New

SEADEAR Racing Car Cold Air Intake Cone, Replacement Intake Cone


SEADEAR Racing Car Cold Air Intake Cone, Replacement Intake Cone

Product description



1.Universal Stainless Steel Heat Shield Link Tube Protector Cover for Racing Cars

2.Air Intake Filter for Racing Car


100% brand new and high quality.

High quality t-304 stainless steel, suitable for 2.5''-5.5' air filters.

Shield the engine room for heat, providing cooler air to intake, thereby increasing power efficiency.

Easy to install.Note: that it does not come with installation instructions. Professional installation is required.


Material: stainless steel

Color: black; Silver; Color

Item size: 19x13.5x10.5cm/7.5x5.3x4.1inch

SEADEAR Racing Car Cold Air Intake Cone, Replacement Intake Cone

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