JoyJolt Cosmos Collection Martini Glasses – Max 58% OFF Crystal of Set Mar 2 2,Collection,Set,of,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Cosmos,Martini,$17,Glasses,–,JoyJolt,/overlusty1007810.html,,Crystal,Mar $17 JoyJolt Cosmos Collection Martini Glasses – Set of 2 Crystal Mar Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining JoyJolt Cosmos Collection Martini Glasses – Max 58% OFF Crystal of Set Mar 2 2,Collection,Set,of,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Cosmos,Martini,$17,Glasses,–,JoyJolt,/overlusty1007810.html,,Crystal,Mar $17 JoyJolt Cosmos Collection Martini Glasses – Set of 2 Crystal Mar Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

JoyJolt Cosmos Collection Martini Glasses – Max 58% OFF Crystal of Set Mar 2 NEW

JoyJolt Cosmos Collection Martini Glasses – Set of 2 Crystal Mar


JoyJolt Cosmos Collection Martini Glasses – Set of 2 Crystal Mar

Product Description

Cosmos Crystal Martini Glasses

Our drinkware collections stand out due to the innovative design and premium quality materials. The set of 2 martini glasses is no exception. Handmade by our top craftsmen using luxurious crystal, these simple drinking glasses will make any of your famous cocktails stand out. Enchant your guests with a fine drink served in unique crystal glasses that they can never forget.

INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Our amazing set of 2 stemless martini glasses are an innovative alternative to the classic cocktail glasses. The rounded bottom design and heavy base add a touch of elegance that will make any drink stand out.

PREMIUM QUALITY: The Cosmos cool cocktail glassesare made with crystal, a durable and fine material that adds elegance to these home accessories. The heavy base is sturdy and ensures protection against shocks, making these margarita glasses long-lasting and reliable.

UNIVERSAL GLASSES: The 8.5 oz crystal cocktail glasses are ideal for any type of drink. From a classic martini or Manhattan to a fun margarita pitcher or crazy cosmopolitan, these crystal glasses are great for any fancy drink that you can serve at a party or fancy event.

Why is this product for you?

The superb martini glasses are a unique accessory that can take any fancy event to the next level. The fine crystal and minimalist shape are beautiful details that you and your guests will appreciate. The set includes 2 cocktail glasses that can be used for any type of liquor, including martinis, manhattans, and cosmopolitans. Last but not least, each set of our fine drinkware makes for a lovely gift for weddings or birthdays.

JoyJolt Cosmos Collection Martini Glasses – Set of 2 Crystal Mar

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